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Currently our databse search will ONLY do an EXACT MATCH search. It WILL search both the Site Name and the site URL (reported address) and the IP Address.
Also searches are case INSENSITIVE and it will do a wild card search. That means as long as it finds the combination of letters you typed in the exact order, regardless of case, it will return a result (if any exisit).

Please note that just because a site is not list in this database, it does NOT mean that it is not a fraud. Please use caution. If you are unsure use our Forum or Feedback to get more information.

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Records 1 thorough 50 of 14177

id Date Reported Site Name Reported Addressimages/asc_order.png
ImageIP AddressLayout
1286919-Feb-2013Aegean ./images/camera1.gif Layout27
1225422-Mar-1974Bogdan Banaga ./images/camera1.gif Layout27
1332419-Dec-2013DAES Express Logistics Sector ./images/camera1.gif Layout272 ./images/camera1.gif Layout137 (that is escrovv with a double V not a W)escrovv-inc.comNone
1224905-Mar-2012Escrow ./images/camera1.gif Layout276
1304005-Jun-2013Europe ./images/camera1.gif Layout137
720424-Jul-2008.intercargospedition ./images/camera1.gif Layout2
720524-Jul-2008world-wide-shipp ./images/camera1.gif Layout27
461601-Aug-2007Euro Freight Shipping Companyhttp:/// ./images/camera1.gif Layout30
1271531-Oct-2012007 Logistics Ltd ./images/camera1.gif Layout272
1063013-Jun-2010Freight-Transport-Ltd ./images/camera1.gif Layout44
1110030-Oct-2010TradeMe Express Online ./images/camera1.gif Layout139
175518-Jul-2006121 Escrow ./images/camera1.gif Layout7
866728-Mar-2009Auto 121 Direct Ltd ./images/camera1.gif Layout212
866829-Mar-2009Auto 121 Direct Ltd ./images/camera1.gif Layout212
554231-Dec-2007car work, Inc ./images/camera1.gif Layout61
769305-Oct-2008123autoshippers ./images/camera1.gif Layout99
519331-Oct-2007Global PS Express GPS Global ./images/camera1.gif Layout41
1115408-Nov-2010Fortis Expresshttp:// ./images/camera1.gif Layout137
1144218-Jan-201118wheelerst ./images/camera1.gif Layout219
1130910-Dec-201018 Wheeler Transport ./images/camera1.gif Layout219
504005-Oct-2007TT Total ./images/camera1.gif Layout31
725530-Jul-20081st-tran ./images/camera1.gif Layout13
1313528-Jul-2013Transpedee Shipping & Escrow Company ./images/camera1.gif Layout102
1309701-Jul-20131st1 Ways ./images/camera1.gif Layout282
1324910-Oct-20131way-Route International Shipping ./images/camera1.gif Layout282
668531-May-2008Air Cargohttp:// ./images/camera1.gif Layout41
278314-Dec-2006Blue Dealshttp:// ./images/camera1.gif Layout31
250914-Nov-2006D2D Worldwidehttp:// ./images/camera1.gif Layout102 (A Fake one) ./images/camera1.gif Layout64
592023-Feb-2008Enzer Trucking Inc.
409005-Jun-2007Escrow Europa (A fake one) ./images/camera1.gif Layout76a (A FAKE one) ./images/camera1.gif Layout64
730429-Aug-2008Cargo Logistics Companyhttp:// ./images/camera1.gif Layout27i
274408-Dec-2006Escrow Europahttp:// ./images/camera1.gif Layout45
401029-May-2007Escrow.Com (A FAKE one.) ./images/camera1.gif Layout64
737502-Sep-200824-autocargo ./images/camera1.gif Layout99
632530-Apr-2008247parcel.com ./images/camera1.gif Layout2c
1045813-May-201024 Auto Move Ltd. ./images/camera1.gif Layout61
1166204-Mar-201124 Auto Transport Ltd. ./images/camera1.gif Layout246
1255506-Aug-2012Britannia Logistics Ltd UK ./images/camera1.gif Layout210
1274110-Nov-2012Courier Express Transport ./images/camera1.gif Layout137
1101430-Sep-2010Worldwide Delivery ./images/camera1.gif Layout210
1149703-Feb-201124 Expert Cargo Control Ltd. ./images/camera1.gif Layout61
1320112-Sep-2013Global Trans Cargo ./images/camera1.gif Layout246

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