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Our Many Thanks

ESCROW-FRAUD.COM would like to thank everyone that has made a contribution to the success of this site in helping to combat Online Escrow-Fraud. Without the support of the members who help maintain the database, moderate the forums, or donate time and or money to keep this site running, more people would be getting defrauded out of their money or merchandise.

-March 29, 2007

Of those that help, I think it's important to note that community members (from forums), Lightfair, Jaxhot, and georg have been a tremendous help and have given tremendous amounts of their time to help keep others safe and without asking for anything in return.

Many members of do a double duty on their site (to help stop Advanced Fee Fraud aka 419 scam), and help out here as well. We have taken inspiration from their efforts and incorporated ideas here as well. Thanks also to Suziecue and Eniac for their efforts.

Although it's not the intent of this site to endorse one legitimate escrow company over another, I feel it's important to note that has done a lot to help combat online fraud. This includes providing information about fraudulent sites, to getting them shut down, and a very Generous donation to help keep this site running. A hearty THANK YOU to the team at for all you do to combat online fraud.

-July 10, 2007

Another big thanks to Royce from eFire Technologies for helping to come up with a more attractive logo for this site. Please feel free to visit his site at for your Web Design and programming needs.

-July 25, 2007

Thanks to for your donation. Every bit goes to help maintain this site and our efforts. It's sad that a site like this is needed, but if our efforts save just one vicitim, then we feel it's worth it. That being said, YOU are just one of MANY that have been spared the loss of being ripped off thanks to this site. So I guess we will continue to do what we do to help others.

-July 30, 2007

Antoher hearty thanks to S. L. (aka drtalk2002) for their generous donation. We are glad that we could help you and that you saw fit to return the favor.

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