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Press release from Romanian DIICOT prosecutors (Google Translate edition)

PRESS RELEASE - 01/31/2012

Prosecutors Investigating Directorate for Organised Crime and Terrorism - The central structure of the accused to conduct research Razvan Cern.ianu Manole 20 years old, the Timisoara, in terms of offenses no right of access to information systems, in violation of security measures and to obtain computer data, unauthorized transfer of data from a computer system and serious disruption of the functioning of a computer system, prev. of art. 42 para. 1, 2, art. 44 para. 2 and Art. 45 of Law no. 161/2003.

Note that the accused charged launched attacks and no right to access multiple servers belonging to the U.S. army, in order to obtain confidential data that you copied and transferred to unauthorized own computer system.

Accused and proceeded to post information to the public disclosure of those data through a diary and a blog type website.

The same procedure, the accused and compromised web server belonging to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The accused is also satisfied that the task of the unauthorized access, launching attacks on the system and the website belonging to the U.S. Government, that the Department of Defense - Pentagon.

To this end, the accused has designed a program / computer application, which he and offered for sale on the personal blog where he posted a video that captured the cyber attacks carried out on the official website of the U.S. administration.

The criminal activity, there has been temporarily blocked attacked systems, thus restricting access to them and seriously disturbing their proper functioning.

Prosecutors investigating the case at DIICOT are working with American judicial authorities - FBI and NASA representatives.

Investigations are conducted with the support of the judicial police officers at the DCCO.

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