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This is the information that is/was available at the time of entry into the database. Every effort is made to try and ensure it is accurate, however mistakes can be made. If you find the data to be wrong. Please use the Feedback Link to advise us.

Please Note that much of the information contained in these pages (from WHOIS Information) is falsified and forged from the scammers. Given that fact, please be aware that many registrars, hosts and providers are projected in a bad light. Understand that some hosts and providers are very diligent about removing fraudulent sites, whilst others are not. This page is not intended to paint the registrars, hosts and/or providers in a negative light. Please use your best judgement with the information provided.

Another Note: Often times the "Owners" or "Registrants" of the sites in this database are stolen identiries. Please do not base opinions of people listed in this database solely on their entry here.

id 4616
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Date Entered Wednesday 01st of August 2007 04:08:16 PM
Site Title Euro Freight Shipping Company
Site URL http:///   Check CURRENT Whois
IP Address
usage: whois [options] ( | @) [ ... ]


  --help             Show this screen.

  --version          Show version information and exit. 

  --config     Full path to the configuration file. 
                     Default: /etc/whois/whois.conf

  --refresh          Refresh the cache for this query. 
  -r                 This forces the request to go to the whois server
                     even if the result is cached. (Only valid if caching
                     is configured.)

  --tld        Full path/file name for tld.conf file. Defaults 
                     to "/etc/tld.conf".

  --host       Hostname of the whois server
  -h           this is the same as the @ form
                     if not specified will search
                     for a "Whois Server:" record.

  --timeout       Set the timeout to a number of seconds. The default 
                     is 60 seconds. 

  --port             Specify a different port than the normal whois(43).

  --quiet            Don't print any extraneous messages. 
  -q                 (overrides --verbose)

  --verbose          Print extra messages.
  -v                 (ignored if --quiet is used)

  --stripdisclaimer  Strip off disclaimers from the results. You've 
  -s                 read it a thousand times already, right?

  --nocgi            Prevent CGI mode. For use when you have your own

  --makehtml         Display example HTML file. Prints a small 
                     file to STDOUT with the example HTML in it. 
                     Use this to modify to your own taste for CGI 
                     mode. Set htmlfile in config as needed. 

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